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No Better Team To Assist You With Your Market Research Needs.

MindPulse provides high quality advanced analytics and market Research for numerous companies from startups to blue chip companies across a broad array of industries. The company previously known as Market Pulse formed in 2005, re-branded in June 2020 signaling its renewal with more modern tools and solutions to satisfy our clients growing demand for timely, accurate, affordable and usable research and insights. Some of the new tools we have introduced include online panels, health sector research and consulting, legal consulting, media & digital insights,  as well as Investment Advisory.

Our goal is to provide quality insights to decision makers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the world at large. We are not a one-method-fits-all shop. Your business, consumer, health or even legal questions drive our data collection, research methods, designs, and analytic choices. Our expertise provides a combination background in behavioral science and quantitative methodology which allows us to poke into the minds of consumers and turn them to your customers.

We provide the answers for your business challenges. We apply advanced analytical techniques to your data and transform it into knowledge to be used in your decision making.

Quality comes first! We make sure that every detail is looked into. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.

Analytics done right

Using cutting edge statistic models and software tools, we can offer market research that will vastly increase the knowledge you have when making key decisions that fundamentally affect your business.

Why choose us

With a client database ranging from startups to blue chip companies in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa, MindPulse provides exceptional level service at every level. We can handle any project involving the research, analysis and presentation of data related to your business, financials or research projects.

Where We Work

Headquartered in Nairobi, the business hub of East Africa, we operate throughout Sub-Sahara Africa with co-ordination offices in Lagos for West Africa and Cape Town for the Southern Africa region.

Our Capabilities


In-depth interviews

Using the latest gadgets we are able to conduct low, middle and high level in-depth interviews that are recorded and later transcribed. We have a team of experienced moderators working under the qualitative research manager to ensure quality in data execution.

Mini and Full focus groups

We also have the capability to conduct mini focus groups (4-6 respondents) as well as full groups (8-12) respondents in any of the locations we cover in Africa. Our experienced moderators working with a team of recruiters, note takers and project managers ensure the projects are carried out to the highest standards.

Focus groups live streaming

We have partnered with Focus Vision to live stream focus group discussions to clients who may not be able to physical attend some of the groups. This ensures that they are not only updated live but can give input as the groups progress.

2-way mirror viewing facility

Enables clients to attend and listen to focus groups, this helps in getting extra insights such as feelings and emotions that may not necessarily be derived from transcripts and summarized reports.

Online Focus Groups


CAPI - Computer Aided Paper Interview

Using Android Tablets, we have developed capacity to collect vast amounts of live streamed data using tablets, this not only ensure quality in data collection but quick turn around as well. We currently have over 200 5-7 inch android tablets. Market Pulse currently uses SurveyToGo for data collection in most of its markets of operation.

CATI - Computer Aided Telephone Interview

With a database of over 5 million numbers and 10 calling booths offsite, we are able to conduct CATI surveys giving a quick turn around and a lower cost than the traditional PAPI system.

PAPI - Paper interviews

We still also have capabilities for paper based qualitative interviews especially for very remote regions. This is supported by a state of the art data entry center based in Nairobi. PAPI is normally used in regions with no or unstable power and internet connection. CAPI is still the preferred method of data collection across our markets.

PAPI - Paper interviews

SMS Based Data Collection

Partnership Opportunities.

Geographical Coverage Sub-Sahara Africa
Key Industries Served media sector, fast moving consumer goods, social sector, telecommunications, trade, automotive industry, mobile devices, food processing, health sector, banking and finance, governments
Partnership Opportunities Quantitative Data Collection (PAPI, CAPI, CATI), Qualitative Data Collection (recruitment, FGDs, In-depth, Observation etc), Data Analysis, Translations, Panel Management etc

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Continuously innovation, Market Pulse has a great customer service, very fast at responding to issues, we never have to worry about our projects in East Africa.

Cindy Hu TECNO/Transsion, China

I have worked with Market Pulse in East Africa, and found them thorough in their work with a focused attention to detail.

Anthony Peters Panasonic MIEA